IndieLibX NOTES_19.04.2016_21.10

After correcting RendererGLES2.cpp file, the last error message disappeared from 
the log (NDK2.log). 
In the first screenshot below the test image is shown in the android emulator (./ Test NDK).
There are some drawbacks though:
1. The test texture is not centered to relation with emulator screen in x-direction.
2. The test texture is drawn twice in y-direction.
The second screenshot shows the test texture centered on Ubuntu window (./ Test). 
The texture spans the window wholly as expected for desktop builds.

Screenshot NDK: Screenshot NDK

Screenshot Ubuntu:Screenshot Ubuntu

More about SimpleTexture on NDK is documented in SimpleTexture_on_NDK.
The iOS build produced only some error messages to the terminal (SimpleTexture_on_iOS) and the test texture was not shown on screen.