IndieLibX NOTES_12.05.2016_16.09

A new version of is available.
There are also the static library packages: 
and for the 32/64-bit linuxes 
and the for OSX and the and the

Instead of previous linux versions:
	Ubuntu version: 14.04
	Debian version: 7.9 is now targeted to the following linux versions:
	Ubuntu version: 16.04
	Debian version: 8.4

These version numbers are defined in the ./DesktopProjects/Projects.xml file 
relative to the root folder of extracted packages of ./ 
So they are easily changed to reflect your system.

Changes done:
 	OpenIL library is replaced with the Image3 C++-class.
	The aras-p-hlsl2glslfork-de4cd58 library is replaced with the newest version of hlsl2glslfork.
	./DesktopProjects/ and ./ scripts offer a new alternative set of build commands
							 (not so yet stable and mature)
		to ./DesktopProjects/ and earlier ./ scripts.
	Changes were done because the old OpenIL library and the old aras-p-hlsl2glslfork-de4cd58 library
	did not compile anymore without errors.

I have not yet tested how the build proceeds in the NDK and in the iOS platforms.
First ill try to comb out most of the bugs from the code in the LNX and in the OSX platforms.